Thanks for the article, Tim! There are some great ideas here.

One thing I would add to #4 Don’t follow others is that it’s sometimes wiser to follow than to lead. Knowing when to follow and when to lead is a skill that requires us to be humble and dispassionate. We shouldn’t follow just because we’re scared. That’s not a good reason. But, we shouldn’t lead just because we think we have all the answers. That’s not a good reason, either.

In leadership (and in the rest of life!), considering other people’s opinions is extremely important. It’s also important to consider our own. There is a balance to be found.

I think we need to empower ourselves to try to add value to every situation. This is a form of leadership we can apply every day. But, I don’t think adding value means driving the conversation or speaking more than listening. I think it often means the opposite — listening to understand, carefully considering options, and asking probing questions to get at the heart of problems and solutions.

Thanks again!

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