Hi Kay,

Thanks for your article. As a white male, I’m about as far removed from being the object of racism and bigotry as one can get. But, I don’t think that fact completely disqualifies me from having an opinion, so here it goes…

As a microaggression, you include “You’re so articulate… (And this surprises me because Black people are generally not as intelligent as Whites).”

I typically compliment people whose writing I admire. However, I hesitated in your case because I was concerned you’d take it as an insult.

My gut reaction is that something is wrong here. I don’t think it makes sense that the colour of my skin causes a simple compliment to become offensive.

But, perhaps I’m misunderstanding something. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Following my curiosity and hoping it will lead me to wisdom. I write about science, meditation, and spirituality.

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