Five Timeless Life Lessons from One of the Greatest Leaders of All Time: Marcus Aurelius

What does this Roman Emperor have to say about life?

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#1 On the preciousness of time

Marcus Aurelius spent a lot of time reminding himself of his impending death. But, he doesn’t do it in a morbid way. The purpose of this was to cause him to act because time is short.

#2 On overcoming obstacles

Marcus Aurelius often looked to the natural world for inspiration. He saw in nature a kind of dignity and perseverance that he clearly admired.

#3 On doing what’s right

Even though he was an Emperor with unimaginable power, Marcus Aurelius tried not to let it go to his head. He reminded himself frequently that he is a part of a larger whole, over which even he has limited control, and that he should focus his efforts on helping the whole, rather than just himself.

#4 On seeking truth

Do you seek the truth?

#5 On the changing nature of reality

As any mindfulness guru will tell you, everything changes. One moment to the next, our lives and our world are in constant flux. Today we are happy. Yesterday we were sad. The day before that we were frustrated. As Marcus Aurelius constantly reminds himself, don’t hold on to any of it.

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